Gaining from Relationships and Trust

What if you could be more successful with leads and prospecting?

Sales Growth starts with Calling Cycles. In other words, it is about being more successful with new customers by, for example, going from a 2 % success ratio to a 60 % success ratio.

Most systems only see the value in a lead that is already qualified and presents an opportunity to sell. However, this is like only dealing with walk-in customers and ignoring those on the sidewalk. If you make this mistake, you are taking orders, you are not selling. 

Our sales management system therefore caters for prospects before they even reach the opportunity phase. By doing this we cultivate up to 58% more transactions than an opportunity-only based system. We build relationships with leads, not only with qualified prospects. By doing this, you focus on servicing solutions to customers instead of merely selling them products and services.

Our system therefore creates customers by building a ‘lead network’. 

We Help You to Develop
Successful Relationships, Fast

By implementing the calling cycle methodology, we get you more success with leads you prospect; as much as 60% more! And we did not forget about your existing customers. To them you sell exceptional customer service.
  • Schedule interactions on the go or use predefined time intervals. We make sure that you never miss an interaction.

  • You should never take longer than 90 days to make contact with your network. 

  • Be the go-to-guy (or girl) with exceptional customer service.

How does it work?

Follow the steps in our Calling Cycles Methodology and see how to start a business relationship with leads you never thought you would. 

1. Generate Prospect List

The first step is to generate a list of potential customers.

2. Introduction Call

The next step is to make an introduction.

3. Contact Again Within 90 Days

Make sure that you contact the potential customer within 90 days.

4. Go Beyond the 3rd Call

Never stop at the 2nd call. No, go back…

5. Maintain the Relationship

Focus on the relationship and not just the sale. The sale will come. 

6. Grow the LEAD NETWORK!

As you add potential customers to your client base your lead network will grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making contact with leads for the first time is not a favourite activity for most sales people. However, by rather establishing a relationship instead of going for an immediate sale, it feels better and also has the chance to grow into something. A relationship does, after all, not just disappear. So, if we are going to build relationships, then we should get batter at it. Hence, a methodology that increases your hit ratio with new customers over time.  

We all know that customers first buy the person, then the product. For this reason, we created calling cycles. This methodology allows you to build a relationship before providing a solution to a problem, which happens to be your product or service.

By being in constant contact with the prospect without pushing or focusing on a sale.

This is achieved by keeping a prospect informed about the solutions your products or services can produce.

Continued contact is necessary for the prospect to begin to trust you. When they feel comfortable, they will begin to do business. 

After 90 days, your prospect will forget about you. However, if you know that your solution will benefit the prospect’s business but the prospect does not seem interested, then you should continue with the calling cycles. Focus on the prospect’s needs and build a relationship on trust. 

No, each interaction is unique. Sometimes, deals are closed long before 90 days have elapsed. 

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