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An effective business or sales department relies on an effective management function that allocates a certain level of time to the evaluation of activities. This includes, for example, an evaluation of the sales process of the sales team’s individual members. This is, however, not a policing task, but one that allows a sales manager to effectively and continuously improve his or her team members’ level of skill. In other words, it is about improving the skills of a player in the field.

For this reason, and to keep it simple, we created the SALES GAME. 

How does it work? We setup specific targets that are linked to a scoring system. Then, we leave the team to compete against each other as well as with themselves.  

Of course, it cannot be a game if there is no reward. Many of the companies we work with therefore set their own rewards, such as bonuses or weekend trips for two. Rewards are a great motivational tool and carry the benefit of having data captured correctly and in a manner that assists the team. 

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The Sales Game provides a healthy competitive environment and promotes a competitive spirit. This, in turn, drives performance.
  • Set standards that are motivational, not disciplinary.

  • The game provides the best coaching information so that focus is on potential growth.

  • Build team spirit by celebrating every achievement in a manner that encourages the team to live in the challenge, not the expectation.  

How does it work?

The Sales Game is the plan that gets you to the World Cup. Sales people drive their own achievements and can track their own weaknesses. And they do this to improve so that they can compete in the Sales Game, grow their sales and be rewarded for their success.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you can change settings by setting up targets by activities and sales that are aligned with your strategy.  We also provide an excel sheet that easily sets up and determines targets based on closing ratios.

We also provide necessary training and support to ensure that you are able to use the system and take corrective actions based on your strategic setup. When our consultants are involved in your project they run growth projects and regularly consult. 

Yes, everyone can compete. With adjustments in the matrix you can setup the system so that each individual sales person has a different set of goals. The system then uses the average on the scoring scale.  

Coach them!!!  The focus of the system is not to exclude, but to rather drive individual success. After all, everyone must feel that they can win the Sales Game. It is for this reason that the system is built to identify weaknesses so that an individual can improve in certain areas. 

Detailed sales reports based on activities and client interaction provide indispensable information.  The leader is therefor just as strong as the team he or she is leading. 

Remember, if you want to go to the world cup, you must be willing and able to coach your players.  Good coaches show rather than tell. But what is more important to realise is that good coaches empower their teams. 


The strategy behind the Sales Game Model is to enhance the motivation of the team based on their normal everyday activities.

It is also important to acknowledge and improve those team members who are working hard, but are just not there yet. 

The tournament that you create must therefore have a prize that will enhance participation as well as motivation. Give them a goal and lead them to achieve it!

Rewards should not be monetary. They must be rewards that have a lasting emotional or practical use. A weekend away or a flat screen TV are examples of rewards that can be offered. The idea is that the winner should always be able to remember the time he or she won the Sales Game. 

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